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1BRITAINDec 2019 was focused of course on the UK general election. Regular fans know it has been often echoed just how bad over the previous three years those who turned our politics into a debacle of monumental proportions that AA Milne would have illustrated so well in his book Toad of Toad Hall.

Yes, weasels in Parliament. All doing their best backed up the ‘EU remainers or ‘REMOANERS’ as we called them who sought and had, support from those in the European assemblies who relished the delight in the ongoing discontent that saw one attempt after another to try and resolve disputes in the UK; scuppered.

Over 3 yes 3 years after the DEMOCRATIC resolution made by the Brits to leave Europe in 2016 the UK was ‘gridlocked’ thanks to those who even proposed imposing the democratic right of the people after ignoring the democratic right of the people echoed in 2016 to have the right to a second vote of democracy over staying or leaving the EU?!!

What beggared belief and was so apparent to a massive number of the British people is how some of the countrys supposed representatives of the people ie the politicians could voice opinions that clearly were demonstrative of arrogance, conceit and at times inappropriate.

To the rest of the world who were tired of the ongoing British never ending story and in one word FARCE, they had long since stopped grinning and were probably now growling that a great British institution was being trashed by those who did not deserve to be there.

Then a light at the end of the tunnel? Hmm been there before ! Another GENERAL ELECTION? BUT! Hmm someone at least the Americans knew and liked. Boris, Boris Johnson. That wonderful catchy phrase that was on the lips of so many of us Brits ‘ Let’s get Brexit done.’
Of course there was Joe Swinson the leader of the ‘Liberal DEMOCRATS’  who made it clear that she was going to be the next prime minister AND revoke article 50 canceling an act of DEMOCRACY made by a MAJORITY of Brits in 2016 by ruling out  Brexit altogether?!

What a wonderful way to win an election by promising the cancellation of us leaving Europe? That surely has to be a vote winner and will speed her all the way to the role of Prime minister?! UHH ?
The looney left of course threw in some wonderful freebies and lets nationalise the railways. provide free internet for all and and and !

and then ?
Ah that wonderful night of the general election results.

Popcorn at the ready plus hot dogs and snacks as we waited for the highlight of the evening - the prediction re results? That ‘Poll’ brought smiles to our faces but as we continued into the night and early hours of the morning ?

We had the odd treats and one of them was Joe Swinson giving us a moment in history to relish as she not only lost her parliamentary seat but also the leadership of the Liberal Democrats AND any hope, pass me a tissue I am weeping; of becoming the Prime Minister of the UK.

BORISOf course the penultimate delight was Boris winning a resounding majority.
However in truth what was far more important was how the world could see once again that the British people do not suffer fools gladly. OUT went the antagonists, the trouble makers, the WEASELS to be replaced by those who WOULD uphold the DEMOCRATIC decision made by their people in 2016 to LEAVE the EU.

Smiling? We should not forget the immense pleasure enjoyed reflecting on the no doubt horror experienced by those within the EU parliament we have come to see ridiculed by Nigel (Farage) who we finally could echo the words ‘bet you are not grinning now!’

Their horror intensified and rage at us knowing their stooges could no longer interfere with the due process of the British people in not just telling them to get lost but actually having the means to trample over their threats, their bs and intimidation they relished over the last 3 years +

Probably one of the best Christmas presents to the British people ever.
We’re into 2020 and out of the EU AND still grinning as the stooges in the EURO zone are throwing their toys outta the pram, stamping their feet and growling like stuffed bears demanding the UK does this, WILL abide by this and give them this and this and this !!

What must terrify the EURO (P) cRATS even more is a FEAR, yes FEAR that we can do what us Brits have always done when faced with the odds against us, to adapt, improvise and overcome even against what others would deem unsurmountable odds.

We’re not talking about a BRITISH COMMONWEALTH but a COMMON WEALTH of non EU nations working with the UK and likewise the UK with so many others to promote health, wealth and well being for all without dictating, imposing, threatening and intimidating them to surrender their currencies, their sovereignty and more.

Have a great new year readers!  I’m looking forward to a new world where us Brits can show why we have had, always will have a propensity for standing out from the crowds in the brilliance of our creators, our artistes, our business and ethics for a fairer, better world. Why some of the worlds finest environmental artisans ARE British and renown throughout the world for their patience, their tenacity and never failing spirit to capture moments on film, in their activities, personal sacrifices for all to see and respect.

I’m proud to be British, from a generation where my great great grandfather to my grandfather, to my father, myself, my brothers have long established military histories where at the core has always been our duty to our Sovereign, to the upholding of freedom from tyranny and that includes those who attempt to subvert our Sovereignty by deception, imposing by any means they can their so called FEDERAL state

What has transpired with Europe over the last few years in particular has repeatedly shown their contempt for a nation that through TWO terrible wars has restored the rights and freedoms of so many. How ironic is it that it was the BRITISH COMMONWEALTH countries and our other FAMILY from the USA who fought to restore what the EU and the EU Parliament et now have ! FACT!

Its disgusting how those such as Tusk, Merkel and many others have abused the British people in their rage at the Brits choosing to LEAVE the EU which meant they HAD to make an example of the Brits to any others in their desired FEDERAL states so that they would not dare to do what the Brits took the courage to do.

sconesWhy the EU failed to understand that we are not alone in the desire NOT to surrender that devotion to our SOVEREIGNTY as a SOVEREIGN nation. The right to protect our borders AND take back control of our land, our laws, our employment AND economy / finances. 

Now the British Bull Dog / Lion has finally taken enough kicking from the
EU (P) c RATS and I truly hope I will see the day when they will regret thinking they could put us through what they have over the last 3 years + without having to pay the ultimate price. Cornish cream tea anyone? Ah why do the words SWEET revenge spring to mind.



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